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Henkan have been supporting the improvement of packaging innovation capability through a series of initiatives since 2010, initially supporting the “Great Work” Programme. At this time we supported the development of the overall strategy and facilitation of the agenda through a nominated specialist team. In conjunction with this, a series of assessments and “How to….” manuals were created to ensure the transfer of capability to the Packaging teams.

This programme was further influenced through the creation of a case study to show the business case and publicise across the Unilever business, gaining further commitment. The culmination of these support activities was that the capabilities across the development centres were growing, and in effect the floor was raised to a standard where the mission was being realised.

The next challenge was to maximise the potential and raise the ceiling of capability, leveraging the know-how and advancements in techniques. Henkan were then commissioned to work with Unilever Global Packaging to develop an elite programme of packaging

Aim: Develop a Packaging Excellence Programme to support the challenge to raise the capability for Bigger, Better and Faster Packaging Innovation projects

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